Want to be apart of FrenchFrys Marketing Team?

FrenchFry is looking for enthusiastic and ambitious university students to join our exclusive program that builds skill sets, professional experience, and kickstart future careers! As FrenchFry continues to grow, we are hand-picking the best and brightest individuals to participate on our Marketing Team of 25 individuals. Marketing to influencers, will play a key role in growing FrenchFry nationwide!

What are the expectations of being apart of the Marketing Team:

As a Marketing Intern you will have the unique opportunity of working closely with founders and our team of Brand Ambassadors to bring FrenchFry to your friends, network, and social organizations. You will be helping on finding major Influencers to promote FrenchFry through creative stories and posts that represent the uniqueness of the application.

What opportunities can I expect from being apart of the Team:

  • Resume-building experience

  • Meeting large scale Influencers

  • A community of similarly driven and motivated college students across the nation

  • Live stream Office Hours with the founder of FrenchFry

  • Resume/Cover Letter Drop and Feedback

  • Interviewing prep &  advice

  • Ability to pitch entrepreneurial ventures & get feedback

  • Advice on how to start your own business

  • Social events with other FrenchFryers - come make friends!

  • Exclusive FrenchFry Merchandise


  • Communicative skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Networking Enthusiasts

  • Creative Ability

  • Team player

  • Motivated Mindset


About FrenchFry:

Changing the way you decide where to eat!

Can't decide where to eat? We got you!

FrenchFry lets you pick your filters depending on what food mood you are in. From there you can invite friends and start swiping. Swipe left for food you don't want and swipe right for food you do! Let us choose for you!

So, who's hungry?

Join the Marketing Team!

Thanks for applying!